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One of the biggest challenges of life is to be ourselves in a world that is trying to make us like everyone else. But most of the people are trapped in mediocrity. 

That's why extraordinary people and companies come here every single day to discover and follow innovative talent for their most challenging projects. 

But, as a true talent network of innovators and organizations, members are not here just to find new jobs. Thousands of qualified innovative professionals from different disciplines around the world meet up on our network to help each other sharing real projects, experiences, insights and new business opportunities. 

“No one can do everything but everyone can do something”

Also, they have access to career premium services like talent sourcing, innovation capacity assessments, coaching programs, mentoring, team building, leadership training, consulting, etc

We provide a trusted environment where membership enables you to unlock your true potential to leading change and complexity. 

Our unique purpose is to connect forward-thinking people and companies.

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About us

INUSUAL network was founded on May 18th, 1997 as a non-for-profit professional community. On December 21th, 2014 we started as an innovation services company in Barcelona. After 4 years, our company grew globally opening new offices in Boston. We prepare leaders and organizations creating an innovative culture with consultancy, coaching, sourcing and learning services. If you are interested, have a look at our corporate website.

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